errant character sheet

Here lives the semi official character sheet for Errant RPG. I made it with the goal to support new players as much as possible in character creation and the first couple of sessions (tho I think this sheet can be useful at any point, I just think players will find it easier to do their own custom solution keeping track of characters). Hope you enjoy it.

Download here errant sheet by mv_v2-1.pdf

how to use this sheet

  • Hatched half in Speed and Encumbrance: it is used for putting in the values when your character has their backpack off (so only the handy’ and hand’ slots count towards Encumbrance).
  • For the Item slots, mark the very left rectangle for available slots (note that left and right hand slots are already marked), and mark the small circle if the slot is handy.
  • 1/4 circle in the Item slots square is to track the (item slots)/4 value, needed for encumbrance calculations.
  • To mark the 1, 2 and 3 encumbrance thresholds, mark each PHYS number of quarter slots. So if your PHYS is 11, mark the 11th quarter slot, 22nd and 33rd quarter slots. When your items reach a marked slot, add 1 to your Encumbrance track (then +1 when you pass all your available slots, and +1 for every filled slot after that).

Example of a filled character sheet:

If you have any questions about the sheet, let me know so I can update this section!

Updates - v2.1 19/5

  • added movement dice under the speed stat
  • moved Encumbrance next to the Item slots section
  • added a small retainers section to highlight the usefulness of the PRES stat
  • added small fields in Speed and Encumbrance to track backpack off’ values
  • added a field next to Item slots to track the x/4 value
  • darker greys for better printing
  • removed strict quarter slot borders to make it more freeform