10 February 2021 § film § guide

sib’s basic guide to french cinema

My friend Sib wrote this guide in text message form — so I converted it into an easy to use file with letterboxd hypertext links.

The low-key Bresson greats are ‎Angels of Sin, ‎A Gentle Woman, and ‎Four Nights of a Dreamer.

For French new wave stuff, if you don’t like Godard, watch ‎Éric Rohmer.

For surreal shit, ‎Raúl Ruiz is god.

For cinema made purely on feeling, ‎Philippe Garrel is the dude. ‎Le Révélateur it’s his most experimental, maybe start with ‎The Virgin’s Bed. ‎L’Enfant secret and Elle a passé tant d’heures sous les sunlights… are my favs though. Pure dream cinema.

For modern masters: watch Maurice Pialat and ‎Claire Denis.